Company profile
The factory is located in Taicang, Jiangsu, China. The company was established in 2007. Its main business is metal processing, machinery manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, foreign trade, etc. It supports customized products and has mature export business. Currently, the company has 100 to 150 employees, of which 50% are professional technical personnel. The annual output value exceeds US$7.5 million and continues to grow every year. Respond to the needs of domestic and foreign customers with efficient and high-quality services.

Factory situation

The current 5,000-square-meter standard factory is located at the estuary of the Changjiang River, close to Suzhou and Shanghai, surrounded by Taicang Port and Shanghai Port. It has complete industrial facilities and convenient transportation. The factory has multiple production and management departments, which can complete sheet metal design, manufacturing, machining, precision welding, surface treatment and assembly, and has a complete production chain.

Business introduction

Our customers are over the world, major customers are coming from the United States, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, Mexico, etc. We serve many well-known brands and provide various types of spare parts, such as Tesla, Toyota, SAIC Volkswagen, King Long, NIO, etc., Main products are auto parts, precision molds, shop fittings and fixture, medical equipment, fitness equipment, outdoor furniture, large truss structures, etc. .
Delivery capability
The efficient and mature operation and management model, strong supplier system, and supporting self owned manufacturing and processing base support Haifeng to complete every order on time and with high quality.
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